Joe Sayer’s Street – Austin TX


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Joe Sayer’s Avenue in Austin, TX is home to the Food is Free project.  Food is Free is a grass roots neighborhood gardening project.

It is a Garden Cluster using Wicking Beds made from recycled waste materials. Started in Novemeber 2011 on Joe Sayers Avenue, the project quickly spread to include most of the houses on a city block. As of March, 2012, there are 15 wicking beds set up along the original block, and more cropping up on neighboring blocks…

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I'm a computer programmer by training with a good bunch of years experience in the Israeli high-tech scene. A co-worker introduced me to "A Pattern Lanaguage" somewhere around 2003, and it's been growing in my consciousness ever since. Now - I'm focusing strongly on these topics - building, planning, what we as a species are doing to the surface of this planet.

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