Window to the Sun & Wind

8Window to the Sun

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This is part of the pattern language developed by TKWA for the Cincinnati Nature Center.

A building in the woods sees little of the sun and is thereby deprived of its bounty.

“If the sun were not in love, it would have no brilliance.” -Rumi

Wind also falls into this description as woods are great dissipaters of wind energy.


In locating structures that utilize available solar energy, it is important to ensure a relatively shadow-free, long southern exposure. Indiscriminate clearing of a site is not a viable option, however, there may be natural clearings or existing areas of scrub that could be cleared. The key would be not to choose the “best” place on the site, but rather to choose the most damaged so that our actions of building may help heal it. Wind turbine solutions revolve around finding locally high wind speeds and in choosing turbines that can operate in turbulent wind conditions.


Tom Kubala is principal of The Kubala Washatko Architects.
Tom Kubala

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