Nothing Phony




Modern technology offers us many new products to fool the eye. Faux marble, timber beams not really made of wood, stone fireplaces of lightweight imitation rocks . Once you find such material in a building, nothing you see can be trusted.


It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature.

If it looks like a wooden beam, then it should be a wooden beam.  It should never be plastic or some other material painted to look like a wood beam.  The same holds for faux stone.  A good fake may fool some people for a while, but the charade is over as soon as they touch it.






Build with honesty. Do not build using phony, fake, or faux materials.  It is a tough rule to live by at times, but it does not have to limit the beauty of your creation. It is perfectly fine to decorate, camouflage, or otherwise change an object’s appearance.  You just can not resort to deception.

Never try to make something appear to be something that it’s not.



Gary Zuker is a Senior Systems Administrator at the University of Texas, Austin. In 1989 he built a house outside of Austin. Inspired and guided by "A Pattern Language", he developed 12 new patterns during the process of building his house.
Gary Zuker

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