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2Living Sustainability

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This is part of the pattern language developed by TKWA for the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Rowe Woods can’t really be considered ‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable’ from a LEED perspective, except for the fact that several historic structures are being reused. A gap exists between current practices and aspirations for the future.


Set a series of small steps that will lead CNC toward an ultimate state, where its every action is one that regenerates the biotic community of which it is a full partner. Let habitat and species bio-diversity remain the target for ecological restoration efforts, remembering that introduced heritage horticulture is also an important feature of this site. For existing buildings focus on energy conservation and maintenance. New buildings should reach a high state of demonstrable sustainability, with features that can help support and explain the Center’s mission. In concert with ongoing land management plans restore wetlands, streams, meadow, prairie and forests.

Tom Kubala is principal of The Kubala Washatko Architects.
Tom Kubala

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