Landscape Stewardship

Photo by Hydro Cahos

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Landscape Stewardship  is a Haitian environmental pattern–part of “Haitian Kreyol Living Wisdom”(“Kreyol Entelijans Viv” in Kreyol).

Human Settlement and exploitation of the land often has negative consequences on long term health of the environment.

The richness and variety of Haiti’s landscape, from the coastline and mountains to the river valleys forms a dynamic ecological system.   The rebalancing of this system must form the basis of Haiti’s regeneration, encompassing cities, towns, and villages, as well as its wilderness and agricultural regions.


By replanting its forests, replenishing fertile soil, and providing clean water for every citizen, by thus renewing the life and beauty of its natural landscape, Haiti can become a model of environmental restoration and recovery for the world.


The landscape must be attended to and stewarded in order to insure its long term viability and health.

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