Blurring the Indoor/Outdoor Divide


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This is part of the pattern language developed by TKWA for the Cincinnati Nature Center.

The Cincinnati Nature Center is first and foremost about a connection to the land. Its mission is to inspire passion for nature and promote environmentally responsible choices through experience, education and stewardship to ensure a sustainable future. However, our modern buildings often tend toward being objects on the land, insulated from a deeper connection to the natural environment.


Establish a generous zone between new buildings and the out of doors. This transition area allows a kind of indoor/outdoor occupation to occur. These transition zones can take many forms; porches, arcades, canopies, pergolas, arbors, trellises, etc. Make certain that these outdoor rooms are connected to appropriate indoor activities. Give them high quality solar exposure to reinforce their regular use.

Tom Kubala is principal of The Kubala Washatko Architects.
Tom Kubala

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