Art at all Scales

11Art at all Scales


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This is part of the pattern language developed by TKWA for the Cincinnati Nature Center.

There is a strong interconnection of art and Cincinnati Nature Center’s programs, events and exhibits that does not currently manifest itself except at the Gift Shop and a meeting room in Krippendorf Lodge.


Infuse art into all public areas at all scales of the property including a gallery that highlights the artistic heritage of the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Tom Kubala is principal of The Kubala Washatko Architects.
Tom Kubala

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  1. davidweek

    I’m curious as how “art” is defined here. I can understand how it might be defined in Cincinnati, for which this pattern was written… but the pattern is categorised as “universal”.

    For instance, I was in a poor household in Indonesia recently, and on the walls they had: family photos, religious posters of the Virgin Mary, and calendars with photos of local politicians.

    Does this qualify as art? If so, can we make that clear, to include all the different ways in which people choose to decorate their places?

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