To create an account click the ‘login’ button on the upper right.  If you have a Google, Facebook, of Twitter account, click the corresponding icon, and you will be logged in with that account.  If you don’t want to use one of these accounts, click the register link at the bottom of the login window.  You’ll receive a verification email.  Click on the link in that email, and you’re set.

Contribute a Pattern

Once you have an account, adding a new pattern or place is easy.  Click ‘Participate’ in the top menu, and then ‘Contribute a Pattern’.  In the screen that comes up, fill in the details of your patterns – title, context, conflict and resolution are the required pieces.  You can also add a discussion.  It’s not required, but it’s best to add an image.  Do that on the right hand side, under ‘featured image’.  While you’re there, select appropriate scales and add two or three tags that encapsulate the major aspects of the pattern.

Define a Pattern Language

For many patterns that belong in one language, choose a unique tag for the language and give each pattern that tag. Doing this will group them together, and make it easier to move from one to the other.

Reference a Place

If there are places that you know of or that you have been involved in designing or building that show these patterns in practice, add those as well!  From the participate menu, choose ‘Contribute a Place’.  Write up the place, add a picture, and relate it to patterns in the ‘connected patterns’ box on the right hand side.

Help Improve the Site

Above all – share your impressions!