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5 Comments to “Feedback”

  1. yodanr

    Finally uploaded my first pattern. In the coming days I will try to upload all the patterns of the MW Boulevards guidelines. Is there a way to control the location of the image or will it always go up on the top center? I also could not edit its size. With a little exploration I find that I am able to do almost anything I want.

  2. yodanr

    Added a place as well – just to see how it works out. I am missing a place to add tags on places – I wanted to add streets and couldn’t. Perhaps, street could be added at the scale level between neighborhood and building.

  3. Lev Israel

    Regarding images: Images can be added in the text of patterns and places. In addition to this, the “Featured Image” is treated specially – it’s displayed at the top center of the pattern or place, and is used in index and search pages – including the front page.

  4. yodanr

    Is it possible to allow authors to access the edit page directly from their authored patterns? I see there is some typo, and I want to edit and I have to go in a roundabout way to the patterns I edited…

  5. Lev Israel

    Good point! I’ve just added an ‘edit’ link to the top right of any pattern or place that the user has permission to edit. It’s just to the right of the title.

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